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Results of economic integration inside the Eurasian Economic Union could be more impressive were it not for the problem of multiple barriers
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the statement as he met with the heads of the delegations participating in the session of the CIS Foreign Ministers Council
It is necessary to update the system of ideological work in the country. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko gave the relevant instructions as he appointed Vladimir Zhevnyak Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration
Dmitry Mironchik, head of the information and digital diplomacy office, spokesman for the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told a press briefing on 4 April
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said at the national seminar held on 3 April to discuss rural development and ways to enhance the efficiency of the country's agrarian sector
Chairman of the Supreme State Council of the Union State, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko extended congratulations as the Belarusians and Russians celebrate the Unity Day of the Peoples of Belarus and Russia
It is essential to look for new sales markets if there are any problems with the delivery of foodstuffs to Russia, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said during his working trip to Dzerzhinsk Region, Minsk Oblast
The president also mentioned the victories of biathlete Darya Domracheva in World Cup races after the Olympic Games
Minskers leave flowers near the Russian embassy in Belarus to pay respects to the victims of the shopping mall fire in Kemerovo
If serious shortcomings are detected, owners of such places must be punished
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