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In the territorial centers of social services for the population of the Minsk region, it is planned to introduce a mutual assistance service "We need each other". BelTA learned from the head of the department of state social support and social services of the committee on labor, employment and social protection of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Marina Gurchenko.

"This year the direction" We need each other "began to develop.

More than 300 of them - together with parents

The fourth military-historical festival "The Vygonoschanska Forte", dedicated to the memory of the victims of the First World War, will be held July 14 in Ivatsevichi district, BelTA learned from the organizers.

The main emphasis during the military-historical reconstruction will be made on the events of a hundred years ago, which took place on the territory of the Oginsky Canal. The audience will see episodes of the battles of the summer of 1917: fragments of positional warfare, timid attempts of counterattacks by the Russian army, trench soldiers' life, the struggle of assault groups, chemical attacks.

This was said in Education office of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee
It took place in v. Zhornovka, Berezino region

Such action tomorrow on the occasion of the Education Day of the Bar will be conducted by specialists of the local legal consultation

An outgoing festival of melodies and rhythms of the period of romanticism
Participation in the beauty contest took 12 little beauties
It will take place on June, 22 in s.Zhornovka, Berezino region
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